What is Epilepsy? 


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What is Epilepsy? 

By definition, an epileptic disorder is present if several epileptic seizures occur spontaneously.

Epilepsy is a relatively common disease, affecting 0.5 - 1% of the European population, which corresponds to 1.6-3.2 million people!

Children and younger people are often affected, but the disorder may also begin at a later time, or even at a late age. There are many different causes of epilepsy, and its careful identification is essential for appropriate treatment.

Fortunately, medication satisfactorily control most epileptic disorders, in such a way that there are no more seizures or that the remaining seizures do not interfere with daily life.

However, in approximately 20% of all cases, epileptic seizures occur despite good drug compliance, in which case alternative therapeutic choices should be considered, such as surgical epilepsy therapy.

Last update : 18/02/2020