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You will be undergoing an intervention at the Neurosurgery Division at HUG.

votre séjour en neurochirurgie

Before your operation

Before you are admitted to the HUG, you must go to anesthesia consultation and to pre-surgical neurosurgery consultation. During these consultations, the last adjustments and verifications related to your surgery will be carried out.

Your hospitalization

On the given day, you will be greeted by the Hospital Unit nursing team, who will get you set up in your room. In case of elective surgery (a scheduled operation), you will arrive at 6:30 a.m.

You will then see a doctor from the surgical team who will validate your arrival in the unit and confirm that everything is in order for the surgery.

Patient’s guide

Your operation

At the scheduled time for your operation, you will be taken to the operating area. The person taking you will verify your identity with your nurse and then take you to the procedure room that was assigned to you. The anesthetist doctor will check your identity again and carry out your anesthesia procedure.

After confirming your identity and the surgical procedure to be performed, your surgeon will perform the scheduled operation.

Your identity is your safety net

After the intervention

Once the surgery is done, you will be transferred to the recovery room. You will be monitored by a specialized care team who will care for you during the first moments after the operation. Some surgeries require a longer monitoring time. In this case, you will stay in intensive care or intermediate care.

Your pain will be effectively controlled with a course of treatment adapted by the team in charge.

As soon as your condition allows, you will be taken back to your room in the Hospital Unit where your healthcare team will take care of you.

Your discharge

Your return home will be arranged as soon as your health status allows. The medical-care team will schedule the appointments that are necessary for your postoperative consultations.
If necessary, and if medically indicated, follow-up treatment will be organized at a rehabilitation center.

A doctor from the neurosurgical team is present 24 hours a day at our facility and is available if needed.

Last update : 17/09/2020