Preparation for the intervention


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How should you prepare for your admission?

The Neurosurgery Division will send you a document to inform you about admission procedures for the division. You will be referred for a pre-hospitalization consultation when you will be seen by an anesthetist, a Resident in the Neurosurgery Division, and a specialized nurse.

It is important to check with your attending physician regarding the medication you are taking because any medication that affects the fluidity of blood or that contain acetylsalicylic acid (for example aspirin, Plavix®, Sintrom®) must be stopped at least 10 days before your admission. Speak with your attending physician or your neurosurgeon regarding which alternative treatment touse instead.

Inform the anesthetist or your neurosurgeon about all your known allergies.


On the day before and the morning of the intervention, it is essential to shower (including washing your hair) with the disinfectant soap that was prescribed to you during the pre-hospitalization consultation, and to rinse and dry yourself properly. When you arrive, do not forget to inform the nurse if you have any problems with constipation. This issue will be emphasized during your hospitalization.

Except in case of medical exceptions, you will be hospitalized on the day of your surgery (Same Day Surgery (SDS)). Usually, the hospitalization lasts five to seven days.

For your comfort, please bring the following:

  • closed slip-resistant shoes or slippers
  • comfortable loose clothing
  • your toiletry set
  • the list of medication you take.

If you have any questions about the medication you take, do not hesitate to ask the doctor who prescribed them for you.

Last update : 15/02/2019