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Christian Toso
Christian Toso
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Pancreatic cysts are pancreatic lesions containing liquid, and are most often discovered incidentally during abdominal CT scan (FR) or MRI (FR). Cysts are most often asymptomatic, but can also reveal themselves by compressing adjacent structures or by causing acute pancreatitis .

Diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cysts

The management of pancreatic cysts varies depending on the type of cyst. In order to determine that, an MRI of the pancreas is carried out, associated if necessary by a puncture of the cyst.

A pancreatectomy may be indicated depending on the type of cyst. Some pancreatic cysts only require regular follow-up.

The particular case of pseudocysts of the pancreas

Pancreatic pseudocysts, also named «false cysts», are benign lesions containing pancreatic secretions. They appear four weeks or more after an episode of acute pancreatitis, and can regress or disappear spontaneously. 

However, in some cases, pseudocysts may compress adjacent organs (e.g. stomach, duodenum  or bile ducts ) and cause complications. In those situations, an endoscopic (endoscopy ) or surgical drainage may be proposed.

Acute pancreatitis
Inflammation of the pancreas which may lead to serious complications
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Ablation of pancreas, or of a part pancreas
The beginning of the intestine
Bile ducts
Channels through which bile secreted by the liver flows into the small intestine.
Method to visualize the internal organs and cavities for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, carried out using an endoscope, a tube to which the end is attached to a lamp and a camera
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