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Christian Toso
Christian Toso
Head of Division

Gallbladder cancer is rare. Asymptomatic in most cases, gallbladder cancer is often discovered late and incidentally during cholecystectomy . Often, it is an adenocarcinoma . Known risk factors for this cancer include chronic inflammation of the gallbladder and the presence of polyps

Treatment of gallbladder cancer depends on its stage

If gallbladder cancer is found, the preoperative workup includes imaging such as CT scan (FR) of the chest and the abdomen, MRI of the liver and/or a total body PET scan. Depending on the stage of the tumor, treatment can consist of surgical resection of a part of the liver (segmentectomy or partial hepatectomy ) or chemotherapy. Every cancer case is discussed during a weekly multidisciplinary meeting named tumor board

surgical procedure removing the gallbladder
Common cancerous tumor that develops from cells in a glandular lining or from the gland itself
Benign tumors that consists in protrusions of the gallbladder wall
Removal of a part of the liver
Tumor board
A meeting between specialists from several disciplines related to cancer, to determine the best possible treatment for each patient. 
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