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Christian Toso
Christian Toso
Head of Division

Parastomal hernia is defined by the protrusion of a hernia sac through an ostomy opening . Parastomal hernia is a common complication in patients who have had an ostomy .

Parastomal hernia is usually asymptomatic and presents as a bulge around the ostomy. In case the ostomy is definitive (to remain for life), a prophylactic mesh is usually applied to prevent the later occurrence of a parastomal hernia. If the ostomy was created as the result of an emergency situation or if a mesh was not applied for other reasons, it is possible to place one during a new surgical procedure. In patients with a temporary stoma, the hernia is treated when the stoma is closed.

The surgical connection of a segment of the digestive tract to the skin outside its natural location.
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Last update : 04/01/2022