White discharge, blood, amniotic fluid

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I am having discharges, what should I do?

Brownish mucus discharge: thick mucus discharge, sticky, transparent or brownish corresponding to the mucus plug, which blocks the cervix and helps protect against infection. The eventual loss of the mucus plug is normal. It is not a sign of imminent delivery, nor is it systematic in the childbirth process.

Loss of a transparent or pink liquid, resembling water: this may indicate a loss of amniotic fluid; you should go to the Maternity for a check-up. These losses can be either abundant or in small quantities.

Whitish discharges: these are normal discharges that increase during pregnancy because of the physical and chemical changes of the vaginal environment.

Yellowish, greenish, foul smelling discharges with itching around the vulva or vagina: consult your physician, this may be a fungal infection or another vaginal infection, which can be more common during pregnancy. Taking an antibiotic treatment can encourage a fungal infection to develop.

Loss of blood: bleeding must be reported immediately either to your attending physician or to the Maternity's obstetrics emergency services. During pregnancy, the cervix can bleed with the slightest contact; for example, during sexual intercourse or a vaginal or pelvic examination. In these cases it is not serious at all.


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Last update : 09/11/2023