Gynecology Division

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Patrick Petignat
Patrick Petignat
Head of division

The HUG Gynecology Division has specific expertise in pediatric and adolescent gynecological treatment. A specialized and multidisciplinary medical team receives girls and adolescents at an office dedicated to them. It receives over 1,500 patients per year.

The pediatric or adolescent gynecology consultation is a special opportunity to change the relationship the girl or adolescent has with her body and her genitals. This first-line consultation also allows for screening, education and prevention (pregnancy, STDs). 

The adolescent gynecological consultation: especially for you

  • Are my periods normal?
  • Are my genitals normal?
  • Why am I in a bad mood before and during my period? Why does it hurt?
  • I’m 14 years old and I haven’t had my period yet. Is it normal?
  • I have vaginal discharge.
  • My breasts are not the same. Is it normal?
  • I am 15 years old and I have a boyfriend. I would like the pill.
  • What are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
  • My period is late. I think I’m pregnant

Do you have questions about your body or your sexuality?A specialized gynecology consultation manages your gynecological problems and answers your questions.

What problems are handled?


Gynecology consultation

Depending on the age and the gynecological problem to treat, the consultation occurs at one of the following three locations:

Dre Michal Yaron

Dr. Michal YaronHead of Outpatient Gynecology Consultations 



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