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Patrick Petignat
Patrick Petignat
Head of division

Whether verbal, physical, or sexual, assault and violence can have serious consequences for the physical and psychological health of women who are victims. They can have short-, medium- and long-term effects on their emotional, family, social, professional, and economic life.

The HUG Gynecology Division ensures completely confidential comprehensive and multidisciplinary care of victims of violence and assault. Each year, it carries out around a hundred statements of assault and rape.

Assault and violence: HUG welcomes you in complete confidentiality

No matter what type of violence you are a victim of, it is unacceptable. No matter what happened, if you did not give consent, it is assault.

No matter the circumstances, whether you wish to press charges or not, it is recommended that you make a statement of assault.

Our team is ready to help and advise you. It welcomes you into a reassuring environment, in complete safety and confidentiality.

What will the care be like?

When you arrive, a nurse will welcome you and explain the care, support, and follow-up you can receive.

Then a gynecologist will explain to you the samples to be collected and the initial treatment to be implemented to prevent a pregnancy (emergency contraception or to end one (termination of pregnancy) or to prevent the transmission of HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease - STD. In many situations, a forensic specialist is also present.

Everyone involved in the care is subject to medical confidentiality: nothing is done or transmitted without your agreement and no test is performed without your consent. You can decide to stop or suspend the care at any time.


You have been the victim of an assault or violence.Contact the HUG Gynecological Emergency Room at +41 (0)22 372 40 49.

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