Gynecology Division

Boulevard de la Cluse 30
1205 Genève

Patrick Petignat
Patrick Petignat
Head of division

Mission of the Gynecology Division

The Gynecology Division of the HUG is one of the most important ones in Switzerland. 

The division includes numerous specialties, including oncology (gynecological cancers), perineology (prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence), and reproductive medicine. The division also carries out specialized consultations about ovaries and female genital mutilation. It provides care for women who are victims of assault and violence, or who are seeking a gynecological check-up, contraception, or a termination of pregnancy.

Our accredited Breast Center and Endometriosis Center offer the guarantee of multidisciplinary, comprehensive, and quality care.

Medical and care teams monitor women, girls, and adolescents throughout their reproductive lives, during and after menopause, with the utmost comfort and security, respecting the privacy and values of each individual.

To ensure the best women’s health care, it focuses on successful emergency care, state-of-the-art equipment, interdisciplinary care, and direct access for hospitalizations.

The Division in Numbers (2018)

  • 45,532 outpatient consultations
  • 1,559 hospitalizations
  • 6,268 general gynecology consultations
  • 925 endometriosis consultations
  • 2,002 fertility consultations

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