Cancer and fertility


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Isabelle Streuli
Patrick Petignat
Head of Division
Patrick Petignat
Patrick Petignat
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Mission of the Cancer and Fertility Program

Certain types of cancer and certain treatments can have an impact on the fertility of the person who is sick.

The progress of medical techniques means that it can be possible to preserve the possibility of having a child following treatment.

The care of a patient suffering from cancer and wishing to preserve fertility requires collaboration with health professionals from different specialties, such as the family physician, oncologists, gynecologists, radiologists, pathologists, radiation therapists and all those involved in cancer treatment.

The objective of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings for Cancer and Fertility is to bring together these specialties in order to ensure the optimal care of patients with cancer who would like to preserve fertility.

The multidisciplinary approach guarantees optimal medical decisions and equality in terms of the opportunity to benefit from better treatments.

All cases of patients of child-bearing age at risk of infertility following oncological treatment could be subject to a Cancer and Fertility MDT approach before treatment is initiated or when an important treatment change is made.

Last update : 13/10/2021