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Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (manual exchange) or CAPD

CAPD is a method that requires 4 to 5 exchanges of dialysate bags per day, in accordance with doctor’s instructions. Each bag exchange takes about 30 minutes.

In a first stage, you let the liquid full of toxic substances and excess water go through the catheter out of your abdominal cavity in an empty bag. Then, you fill again the abdominal cavity with dialysate coming from a preheated bag. This liquid will remain in your abdomen until the following bag exchange.

You may choose among different devices facilitating the connections; if necessary, you may ask for the help of a family member or a nurse.

Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (with a machine) or APD

APD is a method that enables you to conduct dialysis overnight at your home. Every evening, you connect to a peritoneal dialysis machine which automatically performs the exchanges during the night. In the morning, you disconnect and can go about your daily activities.

Treatment follow-up

Your training nurse will come to your home to install the material and perform the first exchange with you. Every month you will have a medical visit scheduled in order to assess the quality of your treatment.

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