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Sophie de Seigneux
Sophie de Seigneux
Médecin-cheffe de service

Several types of machines

When the time comes, the assistant nurse or the nurse will help you install at the place you are assigned for the session. We make available several types of machines (generators).

You may be assigned a different machine than the one used in the previous session, but this would not interfere with your treatment. Thus you should not be surprised or concerned when you are assigned a different place.

Nurse’s role

A nurse will take care of you throughout the session. She monitors your parameters (blood pressure, beat, blood sugar, etc.), as well as the good conduct of dialysis in accordance with the medical prescriptions.

Your cooperation is required in order to have the quality of your care improved: please notify all signs and symptoms you experienced at home, as well as during your sessions (dizziness, headache, oedemas, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, fatigue)

The nurse answers your questions and keeps you in touch with the professionals. She always accompanies the doctor during his visits.

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Last update : 18/12/2019