Insertion of the catheter


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The Hospital Stay

The insertion of the peritoneal dialysis catheter takes about one hour. Before returning to your room, you will spend a few hours in the recovery room.

You will be lying down for 24 hours in order to prevent the catheter from moving. A control abdominal X-ray shall be then taken. The hospital stay will last from 48h to 72h.

It takes two weeks for the catheter to heal before being able to use it. Then you may commence the treatment.

Catheter monitoring

A dressing protects the hole of the catheter. It is renewed at least every two days and must be kept dry

Bathtubs and swimming pools are forbidden due to the risk of bacteriologic contamination. In exchange, showers and sea bathing are allowed.

The hole should be carefully monitored and at the least sign of pain, itching, temperature, redness, discharge, you should immediately alert you dialysis center (cf. emergency procedures).

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Last update : 18/12/2019