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Assessing the weight gain

A hemodialysis session begins and ends with a weighing. The scales are the most reliable tools to assess the variation of weight between two sessions.

The weight gain is the amount of liquid that was not eliminated by your kidneys (water, tea, coffee, fruits, etc.). The higher it is, the more difficult the session will be to bear (risk of cramps, fatigue and hypotension).

It is recommended for the weight gain between two sessions to be less than 5% of the body weight.

Liquid intake

  • If you still urinate, the amount of liquids consumed every day may exceed by 500 ml the total amount of urinary output over the last 24 hours. For example, if your urinary output during 24 hours is 1,000 ml, the authorised daily quantity of beverages is 1,000 ml + 500 ml = 1,500 ml.
  • If you suffer from anuria (absence of urine), said quantity should not be higher than 750 ml/ 24 hours.

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Last update : 18/12/2019