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Sophie de Seigneux
Sophie de Seigneux
Médecin-cheffe de service


Hemodialysis is a method of mechanically cleansing your blood outside the body.

The blood is carried by means of a machine to a filter which removes the toxins and excess water. After passing through this circuit, the filtered blood is returned to the body. In order to be able to access your blood, we use a vein of sufficient flow, being suggestively known as “vascular access”.

There are two types of vascular access:

  • the arteriovenous fistula (see data sheet)
  • the central venous catheter (see data sheet).


The sessions are held three times a week and last from 3 to 5 hours. The session length depends on your height, the weight gained between each session and your blood results..

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Last update : 18/12/2019