Centralization and coordination


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Pr Nicolas Mach
Nicolas Mach
Director of Cancer Center
Frédéric Ris
Frédéric Ris
Assistant Director of Cancer Center

Secretariat of the Cancer Center

The Cancer Center has its own secretariat that is responsible for the rigorous management of all Tumor Boards. Its role is to centralize all information from the cases presented during the multidisciplinary meetings and to forward the results.

As a first step the secretariat receives from doctor all the requisite information and documents for presenting a case. It then classifies and organizes this in the best possible manner and forwards the data relating to each case to all the experts for analysis during the Tumor Board meetings.

After each session the secretariat sends a report to the doctors in charge of the patient (including the general practitioner) so the parties are able to continue their discussions.

Doctors can forward the case files of their patient directly to the Tumor Boards secretariat via a presentation form available on MyHUG.

Coordination of care pathways

For the most frequent cancer pathologies, a case manager ensures an individual follow-up and multidisciplinary treatment of the patients. He/she also ensures that all the phases of the care pathway are respected.

The case manager participates in the Tumor Boards and ensures that the different phases of treatment are conducted in accordance with the decision taken during these multidisciplinary meetings.

The case manager also contributes to care improvement by coordinating the care in the different units and divisions. He/she also ensures that the different phases of the care pathways interconnect in the best possible way for the patient by ensuring continuity and the best care timescales.

Last update : 11/07/2024