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Pr Nicolas Mach
Nicolas Mach
Director of Cancer Center
Frédéric Ris
Frédéric Ris
Assistant Director of Cancer Center

A centralized database

The Cancer Center has a team of professionals who are responsible for data collection and management. The medical teams work together with the personnel at the Cancer Center – the secretariat, case managers and data managers who collect data on the patients undergoing treatment.

This data collection enables :

  • Care pathway monitoring tools to be put in place
  • Assistance to the follow-up and continuous improvement of patient care quality
  • Statistical analysis for research purposes

The monitoring tools implemented at the Cancer Center are used by :

  • Case managers who coordinate individual patient care and
  • Medical teams for qualitative and clinical data analyses related to treatments administered to patients.

The data collected in this way are analysed by the data manager which will enable him/her to establish the statistical indicators required by the accreditations of the recognized centers.

Evaluation of the collected data

The Cancer Center participates regularly in research projects by the units and divisions involved in cancer care. It provides the data collected on the patient cases discussed during the Tumor Boards. In compliance with applicable laws and directives on research into human beings, these data then enable new treatments and new care strategies to be evaluated within the framework of clinical studies.

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Clinical-Oncology Studies

Last update : 21/03/2022