Oncogenetics Program

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Boulevard de la Cluse 30
1205 Genève

+41 (0)22 372 98 53

Dr Pierre Chappuis

Dr. Pierre Chappuis


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Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Enrico Tessitore
Directeur Centre des cancers
Nicolas Mach
Directeur adjoint Centre des cancers

The Cancer Center offers a specific program to assess the risk in developing certain cancers related to personal and/or family cancer history.

This program focuses on onco-genetic consultations and a multidisciplinary consensus. Genetic counseling in oncology is a communication process focused on three keywords: cancer, genetics and heredity. Firstly, it consists of a detailed compilation of personal and family medical history over several generations, then a personalized evaluation of oncological risk.  During the multidisciplinary consensus, geneticists, oncologists, other specialist clinicians and molecular biologists meet and evaluate cancer risks for each family situation in order to provide adapted cancer monitoring and prevention measures. In the presence of elements suggesting a form of inherited predisposition to cancer, analyses can be proposed in order to seek changes (mutations) in individual genes associated with a hereditary risk of cancer.  

In the event of a mutation that confers a high risk of cancer being identified in a family, the program provides information to family members who are concerned with the possibility of a targeted genetic analysis by providing them with informed advice. Relatives will have an opportunity to clarify their status as carriers or non-carriers of the familial genetic predisposition to cancer and to benefit from the expertise of the cancer genetics team regarding the surveillance and prevention measures to be implemented. Therefore those identified as non-carriers of a genetic predisposition have the oncological risk of the general population; they are excluded from specialist care and reassured about the absence of risk to transmit the predisposition to their offspring.

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