Lung metastases

Primary tumors are different from secondary tumors (metastases). A primary tumor is the starting point of the cancer. Metastases are tumors that have spread to other organs from the primary tumor. Therefore, a lung metastasis is a cancer that comes from another part of the body.

The spread of cancer to the lungs is very common and can originate from any cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, intestinal cancer, prostate cancer, or sarcoma. Cancer cells spread mainly through the blood to reach the lungs.

What treatments are available for lung metastases? 

Chemotherapy is the treatment most often recommended. Surgery is considered depending on the size and number of metastases. In this case, the goal is to remove the lung metastases to prevent them from spreading.

In addition, metastases often cause pleural effusion. This is treated surgically with pleurodesis by thoracoscopy.  

For more information on surgical treatment and hospitalization, please visit the website of the Lung Surgery Unit.

Last update : 15/08/2019