Lung surgery

Brochure pour les patients - Chirurgie pulmonaireResection, which is the surgical removal of part of the lungs, is indicated in the treatment of certain diseases, such as tumors, infections or emphysema.

It is also used for diagnostic purposes, especially inflammatory diseases or suspicious pulmonary nodules.

These pages provide information about preparing for this procedure, the procedure itself, and the medical follow-up afterward.


What role do the lungs play?

Le poumonThe lungs oxygenate blood that comes from the heart (upon inhalation) and expel carbon dioxide (upon exhalation).

The action of the respiratory muscles on the lungs produces inhalation and exhalation.

The right lung is divided into three lobes: upper, middle and lower. The left lung only has two lobes: upper and lower. Each lobe is composed of several segments.

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Last update : 15/08/2019