Traumatic ruptures of the diaphragm

Traumatic ruptures of the diaphragm are tears in the diaphragm due to trauma. They are often associated with a hernia (outgrowth formed by part of an organ) of the abdominal organs (liver, stomach, intestine, spleen, kidneys). Ruptures of the diaphragm are uncommon and can occur in people who experience multiple traumas, most often following a vehicle accident.

Surgery for traumatic rupture of the diaphragm

Surgery is the treatment used most often and consists of suturing the ruptured tissue. In emergency situations, this procedure is carried out by laparotomy (an  “open abdomen”  operation with a vertical incision through the abdomen) or by thoracotomy (opening of the chest between the ribs to access the organs). If the patient is stable, the surgical operation is performed one to two days after the trauma using minimally invasive techniques.

Last update : 15/08/2019