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Isabella Eckerle
Isabella Eckerle
Physician in charge of the Centre
Laurent Kaiser
Laurent Kaiser
Head of division

The Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases was the first centre in Switzerland to set up a PCR to diagnose COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic and collects samples from all over Switzerland. From development of the first "in-house" PCR to the present day, the centre has developed expertise in the field and now acts as a reference laboratory for the WHO.

Alongside the clinical expertise gained through the waves of Covid-19, Pr. Eckerle's research group has carried out several research projects in the field.

The centre also plays a key role in variant monitoring, contributes to the FOPH's national sequencing program, and collaborates with the WHO in developing therapeutic guidelines for COVID-19.


During periods of high hospitalization rates linked to COVID-19, expert clinicians daily visit COVID-19 units to address complex cases and answer questions with interns and clinical chiefs. In view of the constantly evolving therapeutic recommendations, their presence in the units ensures the best possible care for the patients. When not in high-prevalence periods, a clinician remains available by telephone for any questions relating to COVID-19.

This team is involved in drafting and updating HUG institutional recommendations, which are regularly discussed at multidisciplinary meetings.

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Last update : 25/10/2023