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The IPC Division works closely with partner divisions that primarily share resources and service frameworks:

Links and documentation


  • Fight against nosocomial infections. Priority given to hand hygiene

  • Catherine, an expert in infection prevention

  • WHO Clean Care is Safer Care (2005-2015) - Message from Prof D. Pittet

  • WHO Clean Care is Safer Care: 10 years fighting infections worldwide

  • SafeHANDS: WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands

  • SafeSurgicalHands – WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands supported by HUG

  • Join HUG in fighting antibiotic resistance and enjoy WHO 5 May 2017

  • Infection prevention at its best: ICPIC in Geneva

  • Implementation course in infection control in Geneva

  • Hand hygiene dance – World Health Organization/University of Geneva Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Hand hygiene: from rubbing to dancing

  • Local production of the hydro-alcoholic solution for hands

  • The benefits of hydro-alcoholic friction

  • Good and bad bacteria

  • Resistance to antibiotics

  • Fewer infections - is that all we gained?

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Last update : 18/06/2020