Care Directorate

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Care Directorate

Rue Gabrielle Perret-Gentil 4
1211 Geneva 14

Sandra Merkli
Care Director

The Care Directorate is a skills directorate and is the authority in the field of care (nurses, rehabilitation). It concerns all the professions relating to the “Hautes Écoles” (HES) pathways (HES health and social studies), and also the other healthcare functions (care and community health assistants, nursing assistants, care and support assistants, etc.)

The mission of the Care Directorate is to guarantee the quality and the safety of the healthcare provided within the facility. In this regard, the Care Director has the right to oversee all the healthcare activities (nurses and various social health professionals). 

In collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer, the Care Director drafts a healthcare policy and proposes this to the competent authorities. In this context, he/she fulfills the following missions:

  • Defines quality standards, evaluates them and ensures their application in partnership with the Medical Directorate;
  • Oversees the optimal use of healthcare resources (staff, materials, finances);
  • Selects the care managers, in consultation with the medical department heads
  • Promotes the development of healthcare within the internal network and with the home care and help services;
  • Initiates research projects that are favorable to healthcare development and expertise;
  • Promotes specialized qualifying professional training (diplomas or certificates) and continuing education.

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Last update : 20/10/2020