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Stephan Harbarth
Stephan Harbarth
Head of Division

The IPC Division is structured to provide quality training in infection prevention and control, and it welcomes many colleagues from all over the world every year.

Senior staff of the IPC Division participate in the pre-graduate teaching of microbiology and infectious diseases given to students of the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva. They are in charge of multiple seminars as well as courses dealing with subjects related to their specialty. They also conduct many hours of post-graduate teaching and participate in the training of student nurses.

Since 2011, they have also been tutoring and supervising an optional course in close collaboration with the WHO. Among the various global health projects, the course was mainly designed to teach students how to conduct a hand hygiene promotion campaign in health facilities in line with the WHO's multimodal hand hygiene strategy. Students were encouraged to spend an immersion phase in a country with limited resources during academic breaks and to apply the concepts they learned. Through contacts with the WHO and the WHO Collaborating Center for Patient Safety (WHOCC), in 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, students gained research experience in implementing hand hygiene projects in Armenia, Bolivia, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and several African countries.

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