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Sandrine Jonniaux
Sandrine Jonniaux
Responsable du programme PP + 3P
Armelle Fontaine
Armelle Fontaine
Coordinatrice de la plateforme PP + 3P

The HUG and research

Research activities are an integral part of the mission of the HUG and are carried out in close collaboration with the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and the Haute Ecole de Santé (HES) de Genève [Geneva Higher School of Health].

The research carried out by the HUG is patient-focused and is called clinical research. The purpose of these clinical studies may be to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a method of diagnosis or a treatment, or to improve health professionals’ knowledge about a disease or a health field.

The HUG also conducts research projects from health-related data and samples (blood, urine, and other biological materials).

How can you help the research?

To be able to reuse health-related data and samples for research purposes, we need to have your explicit consent.

This is why all patients admitted to the HUG receive the informational brochure “Helping research: Consent for reuse of health-related data and samples for research purposes,” as well as a consent form.

By signing the consent statement, you can contribute to medical research.

If, for the needs of a specific clinical study, you are subject to examinations or samples that are not part of standard care, you will sign a specific consent that informs you of the nature and aims of the study in question.

You are completely free to participate or not participate in these research activities, and you retain the right to express your opposition or to withdraw your consent at any time, without this affecting the attention and care that will be provided to you.

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Last update : 24/03/2023