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Experimental and translational ophthalmology

The experimental ophthalmology section is a centre with the principal objective of optimising the treatment of retinal diseases. Our interest is the promotion of regenerative and personalized medicine such as the development of cell-based, GMP compliant Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) to treat neurodegeneration.

Clinical and glaucoma research

The clinical and glaucoma research of our department comprises the transfer of therapeutic approaches developed in our laboratories into the clinic and clinical trials for new drugs and innovative surgical procedures, especially focusing on the optimisation of treatment approaches for glaucoma.

Retinal implants and visual psychophysics

We are working on the psychophycial aspects related to prosthetic vision and collaborate with the company Second Sight Medical Products Inc. for the clinical testing of their retinal implant Argus II®.



GMP-grade production and transplantation of cell-based gene therapeutic products from autologous biopsies for personalized medicinal approaches developed in our department. Iris pigment epithelial cells are harvested by an iridectomy (1) and transported to the GMP-facility where they are isolated and separated (2). Next, the cells, resuspended in a special buffer, are electroporated and the therapeutic gene is integrated into the cells’ genome (3). The genetically modified cells are transplanted subretinally (4) in the same patient within one single surgical session of approximately 60 min.



Head of division

Prof. Gabriele Thumann,

Experimental and translational ophthalmology

PD Dr. Andreas Weinberger,
Dr. Argyrios Chronopoulos,
Dr. Mateusz Kecik,
Dr. Mohamed Asrih,
Dr. Tereza Bautzová,
Dr. Nina Harmening,
Dr. Martina Kropp,
Dr. Cécile Prat-Souteyrand,
Alain Conti,
Gregg Sealy,


PD Dr. Tarek Shaarawy,
Eliana Marinari,

Retinal implant and visual psychophysics

Dr. Jörg Sommerhalder,
Dr. Angélica Perez Fornos,
Prof. Marco Pellizzone,

Last update : 29/01/2019