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22 Rue Alcide-Jentzer
1205 Geneva

Pr. Thumann
Gabriele Thumann
Head of Division

Pre-Graduate training

Ophthalmology courses for medical students are structured as follows:

  • One week of ex cathedra courses covering all learning objectives identified in the SLOC (Swiss Learning Objectives Catalog).
  • Two weeks of training through tutorials in order to address the subject through practical cases and targeted theoretical discussions on the differential diagnosis and patient care.
  • A half-day at an ophthalmologist in the city, allowing the student to get an idea of the actual daily work of an ophthalmologist in Switzerland (90% of ophthalmologists are currently self-employed)

Teaching is provided by:

  • Professors and lecturers for theoretical instruction
  • Associate Physicians and Senior Residents for tutorials.

Postgraduate Training

formation service ophtalmologie
formation service ophtalmologie

The training provided by Associate Physicians and Senior Residents is structured according to the following program:

  • Theoretical courses follow the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
  • Grand Rounds program: 3 hours/month - presentation by assistant physicians of clinical cases encountered in daily practice (rare, controversial diagnosis or treatment, etc.)
  • Journal Club 1 hour per week
  • Prof. Paridaens' Conference: 2 hours every 6 weeks
  • Wet Lab 12 hours per year
  • Glaucoma symposium: 10 hours per year
  • Clinical presentation with the Department of Neurology: 3 hours per year
  • Theoretical and practical refraction course given by an experienced optometrist: 5 hours per year
  • Retina Rounds: 2 hours per month.
Last update : 01/07/2021