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Laurent Kaiser
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The Infectious Diseases Division works in close collaboration with partner divisions that share the majority of resources and senior physicians in the division:

Partnership Websites

Infectious Diseases


  • Aide suisse contre le sida, ASS (Swiss Aid against AIDS) is an umbrella organization with 21 cantonal and regional branches as well as 36 other organizations that are active or engaged in the field of HIV/AIDS. ASS was founded in 1985.
  • Dialogai Works to integrate gays and lesbians, bi and trans people into society as fully participating citizens. It’s work tends more towards recognizing gays, than towards defending homosexuals who are victims of discrimination or physical or verbal aggression as much in the professional as in the social, family, environmental, legal realms and in all aspects of an individual's life.
  • The Geneva AIDS Group is a private organization whose main objective since 1987 is the struggle against AIDS in Geneva. Its mandate includes the prevention of new infections, supporting persons affected, the struggle against discrimination and disseminating information about HIV/AIDS. The bulk of services and benefits provided by the Geneva AIDS Group are confidential and free.
  • House34: website with advice and “chats” for people living with HIV/AIDS and families.
  • Aspasie is a charitable organization that, with a nonjudgmental attitude, defends the rights of sex workers.
  • PVA Genève : People Living with HIV/AIDS and their Families
  • Actions traitements (Treatment Actions) is a patient association disseminating information about HIV/AIDS treatments and co-infections.

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