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Philippe Compagnon
Philippe Compagnon
Head of Division

Mission of the Transplant Division

  • Provide testing, treatment and medical and surgical monitoring for patients undergoing solid organ transplants (liver, kidney, pancreas, pancreatic islet, small intestine, multi-organ transplants).
  • As part of the Western Switzerland University Transplant Center, provide monitoring of heart and lung transplant patients from Geneva who have been operated at the CHUV.
  • Master technical competency in liver, kidney, pancreas, pancreatic islet, small intestine and multi-organ transplants, in collaboration with the Visceral Surgery Division.
  • Host the local Transplant Coordination Center.
  • Participate in several transplant registers at the Swiss and European level, and also in Swiss Transplant Cohort studies.
  • Participate in organ harvesting and transplantation for pediatric recipients who are operated at the Children's Hospital.
  • Participate in the GRAGIL Network for pancreatic islet transplantation, with the new Cell Therapy Laboratory.

Surgery Journey


You have a scheduled surgical procedure coming up and you want to learn about the process ahead. This video outlines all the steps of the typical surgery journey.

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Votre parcours en chirurgie
Last update : 28/03/2024