Principal activities


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Isabella Eckerle
Isabella Eckerle
Médecin responsable du Centre
Laurent Kaiser
Laurent Kaiser
Chef de service
Pascal Cherpillod
Pascal Cherpillod
Biologiste responsable du CRIVE
Pauline Vetter
Médecin du Centre

The aim of the Centre is to promote:

  • Research activities and investigations in the field of emerging viral diseases
  • Complete and extensive diagnostic activities in the field of emerging viral diseases, (including BSL-3 and -4 pathogens).
  • Research activities in the field of immuno-virology and human vaccinology
  • Collaborations with international organisations and NGOs, especially those based in Geneva
  • Clinical and public health research activities in the field of emerging viral infections abroad, in collaboration with hospitals, international organizations and NGOs
  • Collaborations in the Lake Geneva region in the field of research and development concerning emerging viral infections
  • Provision of clinical expertise in the management of  complex emerging viral infections in Switzerland
  • National medical recommendation in the field of emerging viral diseases
  • Within the HUG, general expertise for the management of viral infections

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Last update : 05/10/2022