Strategic Area 2: Diversity, equality, inclusion

Sustainability office


Sophie Meisser
Sophie Meisser
Head of the Sustainability office

The issues


The HUG want to respond to the social challenges of today and tomorrow. The effective promotion of equality, the integration of diversity as an asset and the inclusion of all are at the heart of the hospitals’ concerns.

The ambition


The HUG are committed to guaranteeing equality to everyone, by respecting the diversity and differences of each person, whether a patient or an employee. The HUG encourage professional integration and promote an inclusive and a compassionate working environment, where the contributions of each individual are recognized and valued.


The 2030 targets

  1. Promote the HUG relational values of equality and inclusion
  2. Strengthen gender equality
  3. Promote the inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ population
  4. Improve the reception and care of people with disabilities
  5. Improve accessibility of HUG buildings to people with disabilities
  6. Promote, improve and maintain the physical and mental health of staff
  7. Define a career management policy that encourages and promotes professional mobility
  8. Continue the policy of hiring and supervising apprentices
  9.  Continue the policy of engaging with people in difficult situations

Some of the HUG’s 2025 commitments

  • All new managers will have completed the leadership training
  • Reach a 45% ratio of women among assistant doctors, heads of service and departments
  • Obtain the Swiss LGBT Label
  • Train all reception staff to welcome people with disabilities
  • Provide information and advice on the risks associated with their workstation to 100% of newly hired staff
  • To have an assessment of universal accessibility for half of the HUG sites
  • Expand the succession management program to include caregiving, medical and operational functions
  • Achieve a 4% rate of apprentices
  • Achieve a 5% share of people hired through the cantonal employment office

Progress on the 2025 Action Plan


Just over a year since the launch of the sustainability strategy, find out how we’ve progressed with the actions that contribute to achieving the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion axis goals.

21 actions underway | 0 action completed | 1 action to initiate

A few achievements

picto - promouvoir la valeur relationnel HUG égalité et inclusion

Promote the HUG relational value of equality and inclusion and prevent discrimination

  • 111 managers attended the leadership training program launched in 2021 which aims to develop contemporary managerial values
  • Launch of a Youth Community
  • Establishment of a specific Charter
  • Implementation of a mandatory e-learning program for new employees
  • Active prevention of harassment and discrimination

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picto - politique de gestion

Define a career management policy that encourages and promotes professional mobility

  • 12 people hired as care team managers in 2022 thanks to the internal succession program within the nursing sector

picto - renforcer égalité homme et femmes

Strengthen gender equality

  • Achievement of the Equal Salary certification, valid until 2024
  • 49% of female managers (class 23 and above). +0.4% compared to 2021
  • 19.9% of men working part-time (+1.1%)

picto - accueil et prise en charge

Improve the reception and care of people with disabilities

  • Inauguration of the interdisciplinary coordination and care center for rare and complex diseases of children and adolescents (CORAIL Center).
  • 30 support volunteers trained on disability issues

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Last update : 03/11/2023