Primary Care

Mission of the Primary Care Division

  • Ensure outpatient care for adult patients coming from Primary Care Medicine.
  • In the framework of general interest missions at HUG, providing access to health care for populations disadvantaged by their age, social status, economic status, legal status (asylum-seekers, declared non-admission, illegal aliens, prisoners), or their lifestyle; the Primary Care Division also makes sure that there is continuity in their care, as required.
  • Participate in the care network aimed at providing home support for elderly people, in partnership with competent HUG facilities, treating physicians and imad subsidiary to the services offered by local physicians.
  • Participate in treating problems linked to dependencies (alcohol, tobacco, other addictions, food), violence, adolescent and young adult medicine, as well as sexual health and family planning.
  • Observe the health status of the Geneva population, through the intermediary of the population epidemiology unit and carry out, through this intermediary, preventative interventions.
  • Train primary care physicians according to a range of activity and a catalog of objectives corresponding to growth in this discipline, meaning a multidisciplinary, shared and network-based work.
Last update : 21/02/2022