Transcultural Consultation and Interpretation


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1211 Geneva 14

Dr. Melissa Dominice Dao
Transcultural Consultation
Melissa Dominice Dao
Patricia Hudelson
Patricia Hudelson
Medical anthropologist

Mission of the Transcultural Consultation and Interpretation

The sociocultural and linguistic diversity of the Geneva population means that there are many different cultural concepts of health and care, expressed by both patients and health professionals.

Therefore, it makes care more complex and can be a source of difficulties for the care provider.

According to its patient charter, HUG is committed to respecting the individuality, culture and beliefs of the patient and to ask his/her participation in all decisions concerning him/her. Our mission is to facilitate the care of patients with different languages and cultures at HUG and to do this via: 

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Last update : 22/04/2024