Pre-graduate Training

The education given by the Department of Community Medicine and Primary Care is for future primary care physicians, community health nurses as well as other health care workers.
In the framework of the Faculty of Medicine (FR), the Primary Care Division participates in teaching community scopes taught in the 2nd and 3rd years of medical studies and oversees learning in a clinical setting (AMC) in community medicine in 4th and 5th years. Different members of the division are also implicated in other units that deal with the areas mentioned below.
The Primary Care Division also works closely with the General Medicine Education Unit, made up of 6 part-time primary care physicians who supplement the education in the prescribed domains.  

Postgraduate Training

The Primary Care Division complements the training of primary care physicians, either more specifically in internal medicine and general medicine in the outpatient domains of these specialties. It also organizes rotations in other divisions such as pediatrics, gynecology/obstetrics, surgery, dermatology, ENT, with the same intention. Finally, it organizes Resident rotations in private medical practices.
The Primary Care Division provides structured training with symposiums, conferences, workshops, Journal Club, supervised groups, etc. It also provides research activities in collaboration with other divisions within the Department and other departments.

Continuing Education and Other 

The Primary Care Division provides continuing education to physicians insured as “Emergency Physician” in the Internist Network. It also participates in the continuing education of primary care physicians through other activities, particularly by being involved in Clinical Interviews on Tuesdays and in MSD Updates (FR) and MPR symposiums (FR).

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Last update : 29/01/2019