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Habib Zaidi
Head of Multimodality Molecular Imaging Laboratory

Eidolon ProjectEidolon is an Open-Source package written in Objective-C to provide a framework for testing reconstruction, attenuation and scatter correction methods for Positron Emission Tomography.

It simulates the function of a conventional multi-ring PET device, and the generation of annihilation events to simulate emission scans using shape based phantoms. It allows also the use of voxelised phantoms and more complicated shapes and geometries provided the emission and attenuation distributions are known a priori.

It was developed initially as a part of the ParaPET project and is being continued on a project funded by the Swiss National Foundation.

If you use a NeXT workstation a complete front-end is available to configure, run and view the output files of the simulator, on other workstations or linux systems, the configuration has to be done manually, and images have to be viewed using third-party software packages.

Recently a module simulating transmission scanning using both Ge-68 positron-emitting and Cs-137 single-photon emitting sources has been implemented to approach the real conditions and is being carefully checked and validated now. A more accurate documentation (developer notes) is now available to help developers who would like to improve the accuracy and reliability of the package.

Any help is apreciated to develop this simulator! especially improvements in the code or compatibility reports.

To contact the developers who contributed to the Eidolon package, please visit the credits page.

Last update : 29/06/2018