Fact Sheets for Living Better with Cancer

To accompany cancer patients and their family, the oncology department has developed a series of fact sheets on the main themes surrounding cancer and its effects.  As a complement to the information that the medical staff gives directly to patients and their loved ones, these practical sheets have been designed to give additional important information and to make that information easily available at any time.
Living Better with Cancer is a collection of fact sheets filled with indications, advice, suggestions and clarifications for cancer patients and their family.

Association cancer supportThese sheets were developed by a dedicated working group of nurses and have been approved by the medical oncology as well as pharmacology teams from the HUG. They were developed in collaboration with the GIPP (Patient and Family Information Group) and were translated into English by www.cancersupport.ch 

To read and download the sheets Living Better with Cancer

The fact sheets by theme:

Last update : 18/08/2020