Keep the original accessible

Bellerive Hospital(ex-Cesco)

Chemin de la Savonnière 11
1245 Collonge-Bellerive

Once it has been drawn up, what should you do with it ?

  • Keep the original easily accessible at home or carry it with you (in your health card, with your ID card, etc.).
  • Give a copy to your treatment representative, your GP, home nurses and, if appropriate, the care unit, the hospital that accepts or could accept you.
  • Don’t forget to replace all copies when you update the document.
  • You can also put your living will on your file at

If you write your living will during your hospital stay, it will be authenticated by the doctor and a nurse and added to your computerized medical record. You can, if you wish, send your completed living will, dated and signed, to the Legal Division (4 rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil, 1211 Geneva 14).

You will then be invited to an appointment and received by an employee of the Legal Division and a doctor. Your living will be added to your computerized medical record.

Last update : 02/06/2022