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How do you go about drafting your living will ?

  • Ask yourself what matters to you, and what you want or do not want in terms of health care.
  • As you write your living will, you may have questions. You can contact your GP or another healthcare professional for their advice on a particular question, or on the living will as a whole.
  • Express yourself clearly and avoid vague terms such as “treatment excesses”, “die with dignity”, etc.
  • Your instructions, which might be typed or handwritten, could begin as follows: “I, the undersigned (full name), being in full possession of my mental faculties, make the following declaration voluntarily, on the basis of careful consideration. In the event that I become incapable of taking or communicating my own decisions, I wish the following instructions to be followed: (...)”.
  • Designate a treatment representative in advance, if possible. Discuss your wishes with him or her.
  • Date and sign the document by your own hand.
  • State where the original is deposited, the number of copies and to whom they were distributed.

What tool can help you in this process ?


Accordons-nous is a tool developed by the HUG to help patients write their advance directives step by step.

Standard form


Forms are available from some associations : 

Last update : 02/06/2022