Designate a trusted person

Bellerive Hospital(ex-Cesco)

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By designating a treatment representative, you are assured that the person of your choice will represent you.

The treatment representative


That person will be your spokesperson should you no longer be able to indicate your desires. You should talk with this person in advance to make sure he or she understands what is in your living will so as to help them fulfil their role better when the time comes. Your treatment representative is responsible for ensuring your wishes as expressed in your living will are respected and for conveying the values that determine your choices.

Should you should lose your power of judgement, this person would take care decisions on your behalf after receiving the information necessary to understand your health status in a clear and appropriate manner. They could also have access to your medical  record.

You can choose anyone you want to be your treatment representative. They do not have to be a member of your family. They must be informed that they have been designated, and they must give their agreement. Their name and contact details appear on your living will.

Last update : 02/06/2022