Sustainable IT

numérique responsable

The HUG have implemented actions aimed at reducing their carbon footprint and limiting the purchase of computer equipment. These actions include evaluating the equipment needs of their employees accurately as possible, steering them towards models with lower carbon footprints, and optimizing the energy management parameters of personal computers.

In 2022, various measures were implemented to limit the consumption of IT equipment including: 

  • reducing the time before deep sleep mode for all computers and multifunction printers,
  • defaulting to duplex and black and white printing resulting in a 12% decrease in printing,
  • extending the lifespan of computers to six years for desktops and a minimum of five years for laptops,
  • optimizing the operation of data centers to reduce energy consumption,
  • and recovering more than 11.7 tons of computer equipment through circular economy efforts and disposing of e-waste through appropriate channels.

Presentations on digital issues and their impacts were made to the HUG's governance commissions and committees in 2021, and a training platform was made available to raise awareness of these issues. In 2022, more than 500 people participated in this training. The HUG also signed the Responsible Digital Charter of the Swiss Institute for Digital Responsibility, which aims to optimize digital tools to limit their environmental impact and consumption.

In 2023, the HUG  become the first Swiss and European hospital to be certified Level II sustainable IT. This accreditation highlights the constant commitment of HUG towards integrating sustainable practices into its IT infrastructures.

Last update : 21/06/2023