Promotion of sustainable mobility

Promotion de la mobilité douce

Mindful of the environmental and health issues, the HUG integrated a mobility plan into its sustainability commitments several years ago.

Launched nearly fifteen years ago, the HUG mobility plan aims to make hospital sites more accessible to all and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motorized transport.

The approach is to implement measures promoting sustainable mobility. Encouraging physical activity is also central to this objective. Cycling and walking are the most efficient modes of transport within a few kilometers of the city centre. They are non-polluting, economical and good for the health (joint health and environment benefits).

To promote these modes of transport, and to meet the growing demand from staff and visitors, several measures have been developed.

Since 2009 the HUG have been organizing various events to promote sustainable mobility, such as the European Mobility Week, Bike-to-Work, and bicycle exchange days.

The awareness-raising efforts and support measures have proven to be effective. The 2022 mobility survey on staff travel habits revealed that 60% of HUG personnel have given up individual motorized transport in favor of walking, cycling, or public transportation. This represents a 10% increase compared to 2017.

To encourage staff and visitors to use public transport to access the hospital, the HUG actively collaborates with transport operators and the cantonal and communal authorities to improve the quality and attractiveness of the routes which serve the hospital. Staff receive an annual subsidy on public transport travel passes.

Eco mobilité aux HUG

Changes in the modal share of staff travels between home and work


The mobility plan commitments and actions implemented over the years have enabled the HUG to obtain, in 2023, the Ecomobile label awarded by the Canton of Geneva. This label, which is valid for 5 years, recognises institutions or companies that implement a mobility plan.

Last update : 21/06/2023