Division of internal medicine for the elderly - Trois-Chêne


Chemin du Pont-Bochet 3
1226 Thônex

Dina Selma Zekry Berger
Head of Division

Mission of the Trois-Chêne Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine

  • The SMIR-Trois-Chêne Division of Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine conducts clinical, education and research activities in the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics. The Head of Division and two high level senior physicians in the division are Internal Medicine Specialists.
  • The SMI-R provides care for elderly patients who require acute care in rehabilitation and general internal medicine that most often involves complex comorbidities.
  • The SMI-R has a Continuing Care Unit (CCU) to closely monitor and provide treatments adapted to patients in the most acute situations. The SMI-R works very closely with the Bone Diseases Division within a care unit to provide post-fracture rehabilitation in the area of geriatric orthopedics.
  • In general, the rehabilitation framework at Trois-Chêne, which includes physiotherapy and occupational therapy, is available to patients in need in order to provide quality in a recovery and a return to independence.
Last update : 14/04/2021