Chemin du Pont-Bochet 3
1226 Thônex

Dina Selma Zekry Berger
Head of Division

Trois-Chêne SMI-R is actively involved in medical student education (Introduction to Clinical Procedures unit, clinical skills program, learning in a clinical environment and participation in a number of committees), and in organizing on-site postgraduate training at Trois-Chêne.

Pre-graduate Training

Who to contact?

Introduction to Clinical Procedures Unit - UIDC
Head of Block IV Neuropsychogeriatrics: Prof. Gabriel Gold: +41 79 55 38 235
Administrative Office: Mrs. Brigitte Faleur: +41 79 55 38 330

Learning in a clinical environment – AMC Internal Medicine
Trois-Chêne Site Head: Dr. Philippe Huber: +41 79 55 38 319
Administrative Office: Mrs. Brigitte Faleur: +41 79 55 38 330

Postgraduate Training

For Residents and Senior Trainee Physicians, the Trois-Chêne site including the SMI-R and the Geriatrics Division, validates 2 years of internal medicine (Category B) and 2 years of geriatrics (Category A)

Residents and Senior Residents take part in 5 hours of formal instruction per week with added patient bedside instruction. The division symposium (case presentations and journal club) is held every Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Prof. Gabriel Gold coordinates the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics symposium at the Trois-Chêne Hospital which takes place every Wednesday.
Dr. Véronique Trombert is in charge of organizing weekly workshops in internal medicine and geriatrics that take place on Mondays.
Prof. Jean-Luc Reny coordinates scientific symposia that take place on Thursdays in conjunction with the research symposia and journal club coordinated by Prof. François Hermann.
Dr. Philippe Huber is in charge of the afternoon in-depth training in geriatrics.

To apply for a position as a Resident or Senior Resident
The hiring committee reviews applications for residency for medical divisions of the Bellerive Hospital and the Trois-Chêne Hospital, and applications for senior residency at the latter site.
Application files are sent directly to the head of the selection committee:
Professor Gabriel Gold
Hôpital des Trois-Chêne
3, chemin du Pont-Bochet
1226 Thônex

To be complete, applications must include:

  • a cover letter
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a copy of your degrees (in medicine, specializations, languages, ...)
  • a copy of your transcript
  • a copy of your evaluations, work certificates and letters or recommendation
  • a copy of the certificate for European C1 competence in French, for non French-speaking candidates.

Continuing Education

Senior physicians at the SMI-R are involved in many continuing education activities in internal medicine, specifically in the cardiovascular domain.

View the symposium schedule for the 3rd term, 2013 (FR)




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