David-Zacharie Issom


David-Zacharie IssomSpecialist in medical informatics, PhD student in global health
Working group: Medical semantics and linguistic analysis
Phone: +41 (0)22 379 08 16 (Campus Biotech)
E-Mail: David.Issom@hcuge.ch
Web: https://no.linkedin.com/in/david-zacharie-issom-846710b
Twitter: @bumpy_man


Curriculum vitae

David has a Bachelor degree in Business Information Systems from the Geneva School of Business Administration and holds a Master degree in Health Informatics from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. He is passionate about Digital Health and Global Health. Combining his background in medical and computer sciences, he is currently PhD Student at the University of Geneva and is particularly interested in developing technologies supporting patients' self-management needs.

Research domains

  • Mobile Health
  • Quantified-Self
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced human-machine interfaces
  • Knowledge representation
  • Chronic disease management and Patient empowerment
  • Patient-driven research
  • Value-based care models and Integrated Care
  • Global Health



Original peer-reviewed papers

  • Issom, D.Z., Woldaregay, A.Z., Chomutare, T., Bradway, M. & Årsand, E. (2015). Mobile applications for people with diabetes published between 2010 and 2015. Diabetes Management, Vol. 5(6). pp. 539-550.
  • Issom, D.Z., Zosso, A., Wipfli, R., Ehrler, F., Lovis, C., Hartvigsen, G. & Kjellander, c. (2015). Meeting Sickle Cell patients’ unmet needs with eHealth tools: a preliminary study. Proceedings of the 13th Scandinavian Conference on health informatics, pp. 66-67.
  • Issom, D.Z., Zosso, A., Ehrler, F., Wipfli, R., Lovis, C. & Koch, S. (2015). Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of eHealth Tools for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease. Studies in health technology and informatics, Vol. 216, p. 898.
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  • Issom, D.Z. & Lovis, C. (2013). LiSA - Live System Analysis: A robust approach for the real time monitoring of clinical environments. SWISS MEDICAL INFORMATICS, Vol. 29.
  • Issom, D.Z., Lovis, C. & Ruch, P. (2012). PEACE: Personal Enhanced Acquisition for Citizen's Environment. SWISS MEDICAL INFORMATICS, Vol. 28.
  • Issom, D.Z., Hagry, C., Mendo, L.W., Seng, H., Ehrler, F. & Lovis, C. (2012). Challenges and issues of geolocation in clinical environment. Studies in health Technology and informatics, Vol. 180, pp. 447-451.
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  • Issom, D.Z., Hartvigsen, G., Bonacina, S., Koch, S. & Lovis, C. (2016). User-centric eHealth tools to connect people with sickle cell disease. NURSE INFORMATICS 2016.
  • Issom, D.Z., Bonacina, S., Zosso, A., Hägglund, M., Hartvigsen, G., Koch, S. & Lovis, C. (2016). comprehensive mHealth tools for people with sickle cell disease. GENEVA HEALTH FORUM 2016.
  • Issom, D.Z. & Lovis, C. (2012). Patient Trajectory: Build a Dashboard to show Relevant Information of Electronic Patient Records Based on N-Tier Architecture. Swiss eHealth Summit 2012.

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