Treating pain


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Most pain is relieved satisfactorily by combining: 

  • drugs
  • physiotherapy, massages, application of heat / cold
  • relaxation, hypnosis
  • psychotherapy
  • techniques to deaden or stimulate the nerve

Numerous drugs exist that are capable of efficiently relieving the pain (paracetamol, anti-inflammatory drugs, opiates, etc.). The treatment depends on the cause of the pain, how bad it is and what kind of pain it is, and should take into account any previous history.

What can you do?

By participating actively in your care, you can help to relieve your pain:

  • by reporting any change to the level or type of pain
  • by taking treatment when you are instructed to
  • by evaluating how effective treatment is, and what side effects it has
  • by asking us to increase the dose if need be
  • by doing relaxation exercises
  • by trying to take your mind off the pain, such as with music, television, reading, games, etc.

Don’t let pain set in: tell the nursing staff as soon as you start to feel pain.

True of false?
You should wait as long as possible before taking pain killers
FalseAs soon as you feel pain, you should not wait. Treatment is more effective if it is taken before painful symptoms set in.


Last update : 11/02/2019