Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Complément d'adresse
Building C, Level P
Pierre-Alexandre Poletti
Pierre-Alexandre Poletti
Head of Division

We are active in all areas of diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. We are responsible for providing basic radiology services (traditional radiology) and we also provide coordination, integration and teaching, with the intention of maintaining coherence in radiology as a single specialty. Aside from the classical investigations, we carry out CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (with an "open" machine, which reduces patient discomfort), angiography, and 3D image reconstruction using computer applications.

So that we remain at the cutting edge of technology and science, we are developing and using a variety of techniques to ensure that radiology in Geneva is always up-to-date.

Last update : 25/01/2017