What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


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Hyperbaric therapy is a way to administer oxygen through the lungs inside an enclosure where the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure

Effects of hyperbaric oxygen

Replacement effect:

Breathing pure oxygen inside a pressurized environment such as the hyperbaric chamber leads to an elevation in the dissolved quantity of oxygen in the blood and tissues.

Effect on the blood vessels 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy leads to a change in the distribution of blood in the body which promotes the supply of oxygen to injured tissues.

Anti-infections effect

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a bactericidal effect on anaerobic bacteria, and also has the effect of promoting the action of certain white blood cells on infected tissues.

Effect on skin healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy augments the mechanisms involved in the healing process of tissues

“Mechanical” effect of pressure 

This is related to the increase in atmospheric pressure of the hyperbaric chamber; its effect will reduce the volume of gases or bubbles that can be found in the body (during diving accidents, embolisms, or gangrenes)

Sequence of a treatment

Last update : 29/01/2019