Hyperbaric Medicine Program


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1205 Geneva

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Building C, floor P, Jura Wing
rodrigue pinel
Rodrigue Pignel
Program Manager

Mission of the Hyperbaric Medicine Program

In 2009, the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) received a HAUX Starmed 2400 double hyperbaric chamber with capacity for 16 people.

Currently, HUG is the only university hospital in Switzerland to have such equipment. It is the responsibility of HUG to develop hyperbaric medicine locally, nationally and internationally, and to be a reference center in this discipline.

A Multidisciplinary Hyperbaric Medicine Program has been put into place to achieve these objectives.


  • Ensures the treatment of hyperbaric emergencies 24 hours a day/365 days a year, including diving accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning (fires), air embolisms, etc.
  • Ensures a quality treatment as well as follow-up of elective outpatients or inpatients under the indications of hyperbaric therapy:
    • Chronic and late-onset actinic lesions
    • Acute osteomyelitis of the jaw
    • Chronic osteomyelitis
    • Diabetic foot syndrome at stage 2B
  • Monitoring of chronic wounds and dressing change in partnership with other divisions
  • Consultation/expertise in recreational and professional diving medicine.
  • Medical assistance and monitoring of professional underwater projects.


The Multidisciplinary Hyperbaric Medicine Program must allow scientific research to be developed and increase the number of publications in order to:

  • Participate in the development of this discipline 
  • Validate new therapeutic indications;
  • Establish the credibility of the HUG hyperbaric team;
  • Demonstrate HUG expertise;
  • By participating in cross-border research protocols

In this context, we are participating in the cross-border research project SOS Gelures [SOS Frostbite] 


The mission of the Multidisciplinary Hyperbaric Medicine Program is to implement not only the training of future generations of hyperbaric physicians, but also the training of nurses and hyperbaric chamber technicians.

Medical training: Creation and implementation of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Hyperbaric Medicine

Paramedical training: Project to create training for paramedical personnel


Last update : 22/08/2023